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As a business owner, you recognize the success of any project is determined by professional management and execution. At MESA Design Group our experience inspires a level of confidence in our clients to deliver a successful build from start to finish. 

Catch up on all our current and past construction projects. View our photo gallery and read up on our latest news.​


Our most recent project involved revitalizing the exterior and interior of a commercial tower complex. Exterior fixtures with LED lights and wood accents were installed. In the interior, MESA Design Group updated the entrances, installed wood accents on the ceiling, renovated the retail area cafeteria and fountain feature, and installed various modern lighting fixtures. The elements of the build will help accommodate the various type of users while keeping an esthetic and minimalistic feel. 


Our most recent project involved creating a beautiful bright office using large panes of glass to let in plenty of natural light. This project required full demolition of the existing space and a complete rebuild. ​​​​


Our largest project involved converting a single-level office into dual-level offices. The clients desired a full renovation and build, demolition of their current offices to give way for a blank canvas of renovations. We combined two levels of offices and making them into one accessible space by adding a custom internal office stairway, allowing staff easy access to either level of their offices. Most of the materials for the build was brought in by crane through the offices' third-story window due to the limited access through the building.


A recent office renovation in Downtown London. This project required full demolition to the existing space and a complete rebuild.