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Mesa (Μέσα - Greek) means inside. A word deeply rooted in our Greek heritage. Where building a home starts from the inside. Owner Panagis Fragiskatos, born and raised in Canada, is proud of the company and the community he has cultivated. Inspired by his culture where the passion for the construction of spaces comes deep from within.  His focus and commitment to deliver the finest quality of craftsmanship is directly related to his professionally managed projects, executed by a team of fully licensed, locally sourced expert trades. Throughout the process, open communication with our clients ensures your vision is realized on time and within budget. It is MESA that our passion for integrity and reliability is shown through our devotion to achieving your building goals; Inside and out. 


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Growing up in the country, and raising horses on the family farm meant that there was always something to build or fix. Whether it was building a barn, installing paddocks, or renovating the basement. Pan's passion for construction was cultivated at an early age and has continued to grow. Mr. Fragiskatos's vision has always been to develop a construction firm that will elevate the Floridian commercial landscape, that vision is MESA Design Group. 


  • Lord Dorchester

  • University of Windsor

  • Sheridan College

B.A., Architecture Science



MESA Design Group believes in supporting local businesses in London and the surrounding area. We have cultivated our relationships with our suppliers and are constantly keeping up to date with the latest and most innovative products they have to offer.


Each of our projects is executed by a team of professional, fully bonded, experts. Hiring trades you can trust and rely on ensure the success of all your building goals. At MESA Design Group we employ trades from within the community that we have developed a long-standing relationship with and trust the quality of their work. Our trades are the backbone of our company.  

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